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Robert McCulloch
Katherine Dusak Miller Professor
of Econometrics and Statistics
University of Chicago
Booth School of Business
5807 S Woodlawn ave.
Chicago, IL

Office: Harper, 365

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Quick R

XP Data Mining 

Curriculum Vitae 

Some papers and talks


This  file (bart_apache.tgz) has the mpi implementation of BART.
After unzipping, read readme.bart for compiling and then friedman.r
for a simple simulated example run out of R
(just using system in R to call the executables).

See the paper:
Parallel Bayesian Additive Regression Trees
M. T. Pratola, H. Chipman, J. Gattiker, D. Higdon, R. McCulloch, and W. Rust


simple R script to do variable selection using BART. do_simple_var-sel.R.

Here is a R-script which runs some a simple simulated example with binary y:  do-binary.R

Old CART code and some variable selection code is here.